VW Golf MK7 Problems - Read First Before You Buy

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The Financial Ombudsman

  • Are you experiencing problems with your Volkswagen Golf MK7 rear suspension noise that cannot be resolved?
  • Are Volkswagen UK telling you that rear suspension rattles are a “characteristic” of the model?
  • Do you feel that Volkswagen Customer Services are not being fair with you
  • Do you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall?

If you, like me and many others, have annoying issues that VW apparently cannot fix and will not respond to you in a satisfactory way after spending up to 30,000 on a MK7 Golf then do what Mr E did last year.

He went to the Financial Ombudsman and they ruled in his favour and MR E received a satisfactory refund.

Just look at what the Ombudsman had to say

Primarily, Mr E complains about a rattling noise which has been coming from the rear of the car which he says he noticed a few weeks after he financed it from new.

VWFS confirmed that there is a known issue with the particular model of car

The core of his complaint relates to an ongoing rattling noise from the rear

I consider a loud knocking noise of the kind described by Mr E (even if it is intermittent) to be unacceptable on a brand new vehicle. VWFS confirmed that the manufacturer is working on a fix – which further persuades me that it is a significant problem.

I am persuaded this is a recognised manufacturing fault.

Don’t let Volkswagen UK brow beat you into submission in the hope that you will just give up and go away. If the Financial Ombudsman’s conclusion is that the rear suspension noise is a recognised manufacturing fault, then so should Volkswagen and therefore they should do something about it.

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Volkswagen and the Financial Ombudsman